Three Conversations – a Philosophy, Not a Diet

This is a philosophy, not a diet.

This philosophy can be adapted to Vegan, Low-Carb, Keto, Mediterranean, Blue Zones (which is also more philosophy than diet) or whichever diet you you choose.

Recently, my youngest daughter and I were having a discussion about what to eat.

Rhaylee: Taquitos are good for you.

Me: They are?

Rhaylee: Yeah, because they have chicken in them.

To each their own.

This philosophy comes with the following steps that have led me to success in weight loss and, more importantly, better health overall.

First, know your strengths; have three conversations.

My biggest strength is my Maker. My biggest enemy is myself. And my greatest fear is not being there for my daughters.  See more about this step here – Conversations

Second, know the costs; start logging everything you eat and drink.

Think of eating like an accounting system. Each serving you consume is a transaction.

Stay hydrated! You are not losing weight unless you are well hydrated and losing weight.

Use a food-diary app. I use MyFitnessPal, but there are several good food diary apps out there.  I log all my water and food intake, including food supplements.

Third, know your commitment: commit to two full years; 730 days.

This commitment does not come lightly but it is necessary. If you are morbidly obese like I am, then it might very well take you the full 730 days to get to your goal weight. Hopefully you can reach your goal weight before then and spend some time on maintenance.

Fourth, know the experts; regularly consult both a physician and a dietitian.

This is absolutely necessary in order to prevent dangerous pitfalls.  Learn more about those pitfalls here – Back to the Beginning

My physician is Steve Tate with Duncan Medical Associates.  He is a bit of a fitness nut himself,; he and his team respond to patient questions very well.

My good friend, Joy Galloway, is my dietitian, registered with the State of Oklahoma.  She taught me so much about diet and exercise and is a great partner in this journey.

Fifth, know your food; use a good food scale.

I will probably lose some folks on this one. And I hate that. But the food scale has absolutely been essential to my journey. Frankly, I am not sure I would be able to succeed without it.  More here – Eat With a Purpose

Sixth, know your activity and sleep patterns; use a good fitness tracker.

Exercise after every meal for five to ten minutes according to my RD, Joy Galloway.  It works and it adds up to a lot of steps. I use a Fitbit to measure all steps and my sleep patterns.

Seventh, know your community; share your successes and your failures with a close circle of friends.

We should not judge each other, only encourage.  Almost all diets work.  Find the one that works best for you.

Friend me on MyFitnessPal to join my community.

More here about encouraging others, and more here about my failures.

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