A New Adventure, Part II

Continued from yesterday.

Man: You lost?

Me: No, no, no. Not at all.


Me: Little bit. I’m a little lost.

Man: Where were you heading.

Me: I want to get back to my car.

Man: Where did you leave it?

Me: By the dam. There were stairs. And a trail.

Man: That’s way over on the other side of the lake.

Me: Are you sure?

Man: Positive.

Me: Because a few minutes ago it was right there. Now it’s a whole lake away?

Man: It’s a ways.

Me: Okay. I guess I’ll go back the way I came.

Man: Be careful. Yesterday I saw a rattler this big.

Me: Thanks for that.

He was nice.

He didn’t have to mention the snake.

Okay, just take a drink from your water bottle. Take a breath. Keep the lake on the left this time. And follow the trail.

Where did all the water go? I drank it all? That was 25 ounces.

You got this!

There’s a picnic table. Was there a picnic table on this trail the when I came by the first time?

You mean when you were running and screaming?

I wasn’t screaming. That loud.

There’s a bridge. Okay. We are back on track. There’s the snake! It’s still there? Get a photo!

That’s not a snake. It’s just a funny looking stick coming out of the mud.

Are you sure? I see a pattern. Looks like a snake.

You’re an idiot.

Just keep walking.

I don’t remember the trail being this hilly before.

Just keep the lake on your left.

This isn’t a trail. It’s just rocks. A lot of rocks. They go way up.

It’s a trail.

I don’t think so. They look kind of big.

Just keep walking.

Where’s the lake?

How can you keep losing the lake? It’s big! It’s inanimate!

It was there a minute ago.

Just keep walking. You need water.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you!

Wait! I see cars. Way in the distance. Looks like the parking lot next to the dam.

How did it get way over there!

Just keep walking.

Seriously, we were not this high on a cliff before.

Whoa! I see the trail! How did it get way down there? How do I get to it? I’m trapped on this rock!

You got this!

Shut up!

You should write a book, “How to turn a ‘moderate’ trail into a ‘difficult’ trail by Ken Jones.” You’ll make a fortune.

I hate you.

Oh. I see a way down to the trail.

Just get me out of here.


What now!

That parking lot you saw in the distance? That’s not the one with your car.

I’m gonna kill her.



It’s not her fault.

If she wasn’t so encouraging and inspiring, this wouldn’t happen.

**Twenty minutes later, after being lost another time, I found my car.

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. – Psalm 23:6 NIV

This was my conversation with Cindy via messenger.

Me: …I can’t wait to do it again!

Cindy: …wasn’t it beautiful?

Me: Oh my gosh yes!

Everyone needs a Cindy.

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