The Problem With Time

Rhaylee: Dad, will you give me your pocket watch?

Me: Maybe someday

Rhaylee: But, daddy! I want it this day!

Me: Rhaylee, it was a gift to me. I just received it. I never owned a pocket watch before.

Rhaylee: Can I hold it?

Me: Sure.



Rhaylee: [Walking all over house in quick steps while holding pocket watch in open position.] I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

One of the reasons I began this journey was because I wanted to be able to spend more time with my daughters. Rhaylee is five now. I want to live long enough to see her grow a family. And I do not want to miss out on her childhood.

The biggest challenge I come across many days is the battle with time, and the lack thereof.

Time is fleeting. It comes and goes whether or not we are ready or expecting it.

And so much gets into our busy schedules that we forget to do things, like exercising. That’s one of the things I love about my program. I can exercise virtually any time I want to. See Know Your Activity

When it’s raining too hard to walk in it, or if Rhaylee is not up to a walk, I use the track I set up inside my home. With the careful arrangement of furniture, I can keep a good pace and get my steps in.

When I was at the Oklahoma Capitol to give a presentation on caregiving, I took twelve minute walks around the public areas of the Capitol building and up and down stairs.

I have an elliptical at home I picked up in a garage sale. I hop on it for twelve minutes any time I need it.

When I am working I set up a ten minute walking route around my office.

When I’m traveling for work, I have learned where the community parks are so I can take twelve minute walks during my fifteen minute breaks.

At the office, the copier is all the way down the hall from my office. I used to hate that. Now I happily walk down the hall to pick up the printed invoices, sign them and deliver them to the correct accountant, one invoice at a time, which helps me stay focused. This builds a lot of steps into my day.

Time is also frustrating when trying to prepare meals for the day. Preparing meals is a must so you eat healthier by avoid eating out. See Know Your Food

One way I have addressed this is by using my food scale instead of using measuring cups. Is shaves up to two minutes off my prep time. You can find the scale I use here.

I also repeat easy meals and have a good system for carrying my food around with me while working using a neoprene lunch tote and many reusable containers.

But the most important thing for a successful journey is to make time to be alone, meditate and pray. Often I do this during my walks. But sometimes the battles are too great and I need to be still.

Be still, and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10 NIV

For it is in stillness that we have the best opportunity to see what is truly important in our lives. Then we know what we need to make time for.


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