The Bible and Three Conversations

Life is a conversation. Just ask my inner voice. He never shuts up.

The concept of three conversations has to do with overcoming, overcoming that inner voice telling you to eat, overcoming the medical problems brought on by obesity, overcoming the shortened life span caused by obesity so you can see your children grow up, and their children.

First we talk to God (and listen), because we need His help. Someone else has to intervene because we keep messing this up on our own.

And we always talk to those most important to us; for me it was my daughters. They are my motivation to succeed.

The concept of three conversations is certainly not original to this blog. It had been used many times in religious and secular contexts alike.

There are many instances of three conversations occurring in the Bible. I’ll mention two here.

Moses had to have three conversations, God, himself and his people. After much debate he finally listened to God and was given a message of deliverance, along with the strength and tools to deliver the message to Pharaoh. Moses had a low opinion of his ability to succeed. Overcoming his own negativity was a major part of the success of his mission.

Mary had to have three conversations, one with an angel from God, one to address her own doubts and fears, and one with Joseph. What remarkable courage it must have taken to announce she was with child…so much at risk. But God had a special purpose for her.

Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you. – Luke 1:28 NIV

He has a special purpose for you, too. What are you willing to risk to begin your journey?

Are you ready to have it out with that voice inside your head?

Are you ready to share this journey with the people closest to you?

Are you ready to turn this over to Him?

He is ready to deliver you.

If you need a friend to go with you, you can reach me through this website. I’ll be there. See – Journey Coach.


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