When I started this journey I could barely make it around the block on foot. Now I am walking five to seven miles a day.

When I started, I had to have help from the housekeeper and lawnmower guy. Now I take care of all that myself.

When I started, hardly anyone noticed. But when I was able to walk more easily down the hall at work or when I was able to climb stairs, people started to notice.

I think this transformation has been a wonderful, life-changing experience for me. There’s just one problem.

I’m still lazy.

Cleaning house and mowing the yard and climbing stairs are now all easy for me. But finding the motivation is another thing.

I may look younger and I may be healthier. But I was always lazy, even in my youth.

For all those unfortunate enough to live with me in the past, they witnessed the tower of trash I allow to pile up before taking it outside. They saw the table piled high with things brought in but never put away. They witnessed the complete disorganization of paper and the mad search at tax time.

My neighbors cringe at the weeds left in my yard… And the leaves… And the empty beer cans left by the teenage drinkers passing by who can’t be caught with the evidence.

But this journey has been a journey of persistence.

So, how do I keep going? How do I motivate myself?

One step at a time and a prayer.

God, give me the motivation to continue on this path of healing on which You lead. Give me courage to overcome the obstacles I see as impenetrable but You see as small steps. Give me serenity to accept the setbacks without giving up hope. Thank you for the miracles You provide every day. Forgive me when I forget your promises. May I be an encourager to others on this path. In Jesus name. Amen.


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