Working Titles I:5

Continued from Working Titles I:4.

[Spot on Jake who is in the audience or on the apron and carrying a sign, “Samantha Cardin.” Sam enters House left or SR, pulling luggage on wheels. There is an instant, nervous attraction.]

Sam: I’m Samantha. Everyone calls me Sam.

Jake: Oh. Hi.

Sam: You must be Charlie.

Jake: Charlie.

Sam: Kelly told me so much about you.

Jake: She did? Oh, right. I’m Jake.

Sam: I can call you Jake?

Jake: I mean, I’m not Charlie. He’s my best friend. I’m Jake. Charlie had to work.

Sam: Jake.

Jake: Sam.

Sam: So?

Jake: So.

Sam: So…where are you taking me?

Jake: Right! Huh.. right. This way.

Sam: So, what do you do Jake?

Jake: I’m a social media developer.

Sam: Oh?

Jake: Yeah. Not as exciting as it sounds. You?

Sam: I’m a model.

Jake: Seriously?

Sam: No, no. I just like to say that. I sell women’s clothing. Sometimes they let me model the clothes.

Jake: Oh. Ha. Yeah. That’s cool. That reminds me of that movie about the guy who falls in love with a mannequin.

Sam: Andrew McCarthy!

Jake: You know it? Cool.

Sam: Yeah. What was that movie called?

Jake: Well…

Sam: Mannequin!

Jake: Yeah. Man, that seems like such a long time ago. Makes me feel…

Sam: We…won’t talk about that.

Jake: Right. Ha

Sam: Sometimes I feel like that, though.

Jake: What? Old?

Sam: No! Like a mannequin. You know, stuck in one place. Everyone looking at me as though I’m on display, criticizing my wardrobe.

Jake: Wow, sounds like you really needed to get out of Houston.

Sam: San Antonio.

Jake: Right.

Sam: Right.

Jake: [Chuckles]

Sam: So, where do you live?

Jake: Oh, uh, about twenty minutes west of here with my…uh…

Sam: With?

Jake: Uh, myself. I live alone.

Sam: Oh?

Jake: Yeah.

Sam: Oh.

Jake: But, uh, I’m taking you to Charlie’s. That’s where we will be meeting everyone later.

Sam: Oh. I see.

Jake: But we have some time. Have you had lunch?

Sam: It’s 10:00.

Jake: Right.

Sam: But I am hungry.

Jake: Right. We can have brunch.

Sam: I’d like that.

Jake: Excellent.


[Lights up on empty living room.]

[Richard enters from kitchen with plate of cookies and sets them on table next to sofa. He exits right to bedrooms. Jake and Sam enter USC.]

Jake: Welcome to Casa del Charles.

Sam: Okay.

Jake: Let’s see, make yourself at home. Restroom is over there, Charlie has one in his office. Oh, have a cookie. I’ll make some coffee.

Sam: Thanks. [Jake exits to kitchen. Sam sits and breaks open a cookie, takes a bite, then walks about the living room. She then exits to office. ]

Richard: [Enters and sees cookie plate] What the…

Jake: [Entering] I really enjoyed our brunch…

Richard: Easy there big fella. Did you eat my cookie?

Jake: Richard. What are you doing here?

Richard: I live here.

Jake: Where’s Sam?

Richard: Never met him.

Jake: Samantha.

Richard: Never met her either. Wait, Charlie’s Sam?

Jake: Uh, Yeah.

Richard: So, you had Sam for brunch, huh.

Jake: I took her to brunch.

Richard: Uh, huh. You took Charlie’s girl to brunch.

Jake: His girl? No.

Richard: You took your best friend’s girl to brunch.

Jake: They’re not…

Richard: And you enjoyed it!

Jake: No! Well…yes. Yes I did. She’s smart. She’s funny. She is gorgeous.

Richard: And she’s Charlie’s…

Jake: Stop saying that!

Richard: Jake.

Jake: What?!

Richard: You’re married.

Jake: [Beat] I know.

Richard: Cool.

Kelly: [Enters USC] Is she here!

Sam: [Enters] Kelly!? [They scream and embrace]

Richard: Woah.

Kelly: So, how was your flight.

Jake: What?

Sam: Nothing special. The arrival was nice.

Richard: You weren’t kidding. She’s a looker.

Kelly: Oh? How?

Charlie: [Enters USC] Hey guys.

Kelly: Charlie! I’d like you to meet Sam.

Sam: Hello Charlie.


Kelly: Charlie?

Sam: It’s good to meet you Charlie.


Kelly: Charlie? You alright?

Charlie: What?

Jake: Charlie, I picked Sam up at the airport.

Richard: Remember, Sam from Austin?

Sam: San Antonio, actually.

Charlie: Oh, right! [Chuckles] Sam.

Kelly: I knew you two would hit it off!

Jake: Yeah

Richard: This is going to be good.



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