With thanksgiving

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

How I fail to give thanks. Every day I fail.

When my parents bought me a car for college, I asked if it had power windows.

When God told me I would have a daughter, I questioned what the future would bring.

God delivered my brother from the hospital and my only prayer was that God would heal my brother’s other illnesses.

God directed me through losing 47% of my body weight. All I said in return is “More please.”

I’m going through one of the biggest challenges of my journey so far. I’m getting bored, bored with my meals, bored with my diet, bored with the measuring routine, bored with my daily grind, bored with the workouts and bored with my own writing.

I do not want to quit. But I do want to reset. I do not want to give up. But I do want a break from the monotony.

I want another adventure.

I am thinking of taking the advice of a friend and going on a solo camping trip. At least, that’s what I think she was encouraging me to do. Once, she told me, “Take a hike.” I took that literally. Surely the camping thing was not metaphorical.

Anyway, it’s time for another adventure.

But first, I need to pause. I need pray. I need to lay down this burden of anxiety.

I need to give thanks.

Last night I saw a parent of one of my high school classmates. She helped sponsor our class on several occasions and was always so supportive of us. I’m thankful for her.

Last night I had the privilege of a night at the local theater with my five-year-old daughter. I’m thankful that she and I can enjoy musical theater together.

I spent much of yesterday shopping downtown with my daughter. I’m thankful for living in a small town that reminds me of Bedford Falls.

This weekend I had the honor of judging a poetry contest for cowboy poets, many the best in the country who came to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center to deliver their poetry. I’m thankful for living in a place where our heritage is honored in such a talented way.

I’m thankful for family gatherings, supportive co-parents, talented and musical friends, graceful volunteers, simple faith, merciful pastors, creative and intelligent daughters, generous local businesses, hometown churches, dedicated coworkers, caring neighbors, and a country where power can be exchanged peacefully.

And I’m thankful for you.


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  1. Betty Beck says:

    Never Give Up on your goals! I understand. I have been on so many “diets” in my life that it is crazy. I always tell my self that it is not a diet, but a life change. It has to be that way to work. I have lost and failed to keep it off so many times that it is discouraging. However, we both know that each day is what we make it to be. We can looked ourselves in the mirror and be happy with our lives the way they are or we can choose to make it be better. You have chosen to make your better. The reward far outweighs the struggle. It doesn’t seem that way now, but in your heart, you know it to be true. It is as a friend (who fought a similar weight challenge) once told me, you do it not just for yourself, but also for the people you love. Improving your health gives you an opportunity for many, many more beautiful times of sharing with your daughter, your friends, your family and others that cross your path. Be encouraged and lean upon the word of Philippians 4:13 (New King James Version (NKJV)) I can do all things through [a]Christ who strengthens me. You can!!!!

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