Low-carb day four

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am haunted this morning by the image of my eldest daughter, the image I had of her before she was born, when her mother and I had such high anxiety as we waited for the courts to decide her fate, knowing her mother chose us to adopt her, but unsure if we would be able to keep her.

I seldom get to see her now. But I am so thankful for her just the same.

And I am thankful God have me another chance to be a better father; my youngest is five and we will enjoy an oriental thanksgiving meal at supper.

I’m thankful for two women who chose me to be the father of their daughters. It has made me all the more determined to reach my goal, only 74 pounds to go.

As I stated in Hold fast, I began low-carbohydrate dieting this past Sunday.  As of Wednesday morning, I lost 4.6 pounds.  This is mostly water-weight, I am certain. My plan is to stay on this diet until Saturday.

It has been an interesting week.  I miss how filling bread can be.  I also miss how a bag of broccoli could make me feel full for hours. The amount of food I am eating on this low-carb version of my diet is remarkably small; each meal fits in my hand.  But I cannot say that I feel hungrier than before.  I do not feel more satisfied either.  It is a different sensation, probably caused by the cheese I am eating.  It is an oily kind of full, like my stomach and throat are covered in oil and the hunger pangs are kept at bay.

I will not begin to describe what is going on in my bowels.  Mercy!  This diet acts as a diuretic.  I have to drink gallons of water to keep hydrated.  I also have to get up multiple times during the night to use the restroom which has had a mild impact on my sleep and a mild impact on the number of steps I am taking.

That said, my energy has actually improved this week.  It seems easier to hit my activity goals each day.  Part of that is due to the weather.  Part is due to this diet.

Probably the most remarkable difference is how I feel.  I feel less anxious than I did before.  It is not that the anxiety has gone away.  It is simply much more sustainable.  This change may be caused directly by this diet.  It may be because I am more active.  It may be because I am outside more.  It may be because of something I stopped eating.  It may be because I am spending less time on social media.  There is no telling, but I like the way I feel.

Plus, I had no idea how much I missed beef.  And…CHEESE! Yum!

Genesis 9:3 ESV
Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence

As I stated before on multiple occasions, I do not advocate for one diet over another.  I spent a week of my current weight-loss journey eating vegan in honor for a friend.  This week I am eating low-carb for the sake of giving my body something new and causing it to make adjustments.  Please do not go on an extreme diet without first consulting a physician and dietitian.


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