The Refrigerator Door

Matthew 4:4 ESV

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

I remember many times from my youth where I would go to the refrigerator, open the door, and then hear my mother call out to me. “Kenny, we will be eating soon, you don’t need anything from there.”

I went to the fridge because I thought I was hungry and wanted to fill that void. It was a door of possibilities. It was a doorway to feeling better. It was full of cheese and meats and sometimes desserts, leftover pizza, popsicles or ice cream. It was the home of Cool Whip topping. Yum.

Sometimes I would stand there with the fridge door open, just staring at all the options and trying to decide. “Kenny! You’re letting all the cold air out! Shut that door. And bring me a sandwich!”

Then I went to college. Opening my dorm fridge did not have the same appeal because it was always empty.

But when I had my first professional job and home, my own refrigerator, those feelings of possibilities returned. The fridge made me feel at home. Fridge was my buddy. It took care of me. I named my fridge.

Okay, I didn’t really name it. But we were really close.

Since I started this journey, my relationship with my fridge has changed. We are no longer best buddies. Now, going to the fridge is like going to the medicine cabinet. Because the food still makes me feel better, but not in the same addictive way, this time better and healthy.

Food is my medicine.

So, no more hams and cheeses, no more Miracle Whip, no more Cool Whip, no more desserts, no more leftover pizza, no more ice cream, no more popsicles, no more ready to eat goodness that makes me feel worse in 30 minutes. My fridge has changed. I have changed.

It’s time to break up with the fridge, time to establish new boundaries to our relationship.

Because 30 minutes after a fridge rendezvous, we should only feel full, happy and healthy.

New Balance Women’s W860GP8, Grey/Pink, 7.5 B US


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