A new pair of jeans

This week started out on a low note. My anxiety was out of control. It was easily set off by my insecurity in my singing voice. I was asked to sing solos at various events. I worked on specific Christmas songs that meant a great deal to me. Unfortunately, for various reasons, they were not well received by a vocal few. I did not take that as well as I should have.

That said, the rest of my week has been pretty amazing. Since my low-carb debacle, I am now back on track and losing weight with a diet that better fits me. And I am eating all the time, hourly in fact. I went back to the beginning. I eat every 60-90 minutes. I start out earlier than usual. And I eat right up to bedtime. I never go hungry. I’m still losing weight, 4.6 pounds in this past week.

My activity has picked up, too. My metabolism is on high-speed. I feel great, despite the seasonal allergies that still plague me.

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on Other Projects. One of those projects involve me wearing a pair of jeans. I had none. So, I was off to my new clothes palace, Walmart. *sigh*

I picked out a few pairs of jeans of various sizes. I tried on the smallest size first. I did not think I stood a chance of wearing those jeans. But I hoped I could.

They did not fit.

They were too big.

I bought a pair the next size down.

I recently listened to a counselor talking about being able to tell the difference between a fake and a genuine smile.

There was no denying the legitimacy of my feelings. My whole body smiled.

Merry Christmas.


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