Seek and you will find

Purpose matters.

Process matters.

I’m tracking what I eat for two years. That’s my process. That’s my journey. I did not choose this path in order to lose weight and look better. I chose this path to be healthier and feel better. I followed this path because this is where God led me.

I sought guidance. He provided.

I sought peace. He provided.

I sought health. He provided.

I was losing weight fast and successfully and healthfully.

Then I decided I wanted to take over for a while. Weight loss became my goal, more than health. I started cutting my calories beyond what God initially led me to do.

My weight loss slowed.

Then I tried intermittent fasting.

My weight loss slowed.

Then I tried to change up my diet for a week.

I got sick.

Proverbs 11:27 – He who earnestly seeks good finds favor. – NKJV

“You are going to receive what you search for…good or bad…” – SJV

What I was seeking mattered.

When I focused on getting healthy again, I chose to go back to the beginning. I started to lose at my original weight loss rate. I feel better than ever. And I’m starting to hit milestones I could only hope for but never expected.

I am back to eating every hour to 90 minutes. I am eating small meals. I sometimes get hungry, but never for more than a half hour. My metabolism is in overdrive. I’m eating more calories, about 1,550 per day. I’m burning more calories. I’m averaging well over 10,000 steps per day.

The biggest challenge all along has been my anxiety. Yesterday was my biggest challenge yet. I came across a bureaucrat who felt it necessary to lecture me in a very top-down way. She was rude, strict, black and white, and demeaning.

Not too long ago I would have given up.

Yesterday, I took a more prudent course than was typical for me. I did not let the anxiety win.

I sought guidance. He provided.

I sought peace. He provided.

I sought health. He provided.

May your journey also bring you peace.


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