Working Titles II:2

Continued from Working Titles II:1.

[Duggy rushes Richard in attempt to tackle him. Richard moves and trips Duggy who lands on his side and rolls onto his back.]

Richard: Careful Duggy. I hear Charlie really hates violence.

[Charlie enters USC as lights come up on Kelly’s settee wagon. Kelly is seated on settee reading a book.]

Charlie: [Singing] I’ve got you…deep in the heart of me… Duggy? What are you doing down there?

Duggy: [Attempting sit-up] Ninety-nine.

Richard: Uh, exercising. I guess.

Charlie: Good for you!

Duggy: So, how was your date?

[Sam enters Kelly’s wagon from offstage]

Kelly: How did it go?

Charlie: Sam is terrific.

Sam: Charlie is…he’s, um…

Kelly: Isn’t he wonderful?

Richard: That’s great, man. Glad you two hit it off.

Charlie: I just hope she feels the same about me.

Sam: Boring. I was going to say boring.

Duggy: I’m sure she will. Isn’t that right Richard?

Kelly: Well, He is a better writer than a conversationalist, I’ll grant you.

Richard: Sure.

Sam: He writes about…shaving.

Charlie: I don’t know. I think I may have bored her.

Duggy: No, no. I’m sure she was very…engaged. Isn’t that right, Richard?

Charlie: I talked about the shaving industry.

Kelly: That was actually a very interesting article.

Richard: You’re doomed.

Charlie: What was that?

Sam: What could possibly be interesting about shaving?

Richard: Moved. I’m sure she was moved…about the bit on the environment.

Charlie: Thanks man. I had no idea you read it.

Kelly: It was a moving environmental protection piece.

Sam: I drive an SUV.

Duggy: Are you going out again?

Kelly: Are you going to see him again?

Charlie: Yes, I can’t wait.

Sam: Yeah, I guess. I told him I would if you came and he invited Jake.

Charlie: I need to invite Jake.

Kelly: Oh, that’s great!

Richard: This is going to be good.

Charlie: What?

Richard: Good for you!


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