Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox. – Proverbs 14:4 NKJV

Diets are breeding grounds for perfectionism. We tend to get virtually religious in our beliefs about what and when to eat. But the truth is, our bodies are so efficient that perfection tends to lead to stagnation.

The same can be said about the Christian lifestyle.

I once visited some distant relatives by marriage in a suburb of Dallas. As soon as I finished drinking a glass of water, the glass was placed in the dishwasher. No food or drink was allowed in their cars. No speck was found on the kitchen counters. No dust on the dining table. Bathroom towels were immediately placed in the washer upon use.

I was afraid to use the facilities or lie down in their beds.

The human body is like this. It is an efficient machine constantly taking out the trash, cleaning up the organs, processing what was eaten and so on.

Living a diet of perfection only allows your body to adjust.

When we live, we should see the signs of life around us. Our kids clothes and toys should be about the house. The kitchen sink should hold a few dishes. The trash should sometimes pile up. Our spouse should be driving is crazy with papers on the coffee table or socks on the floor.

When we diet, it should be messy. We should occasionally mess up, eat the meal that is different, have the occasional slice of pizza or scoop of ice cream, within moderation.

Keep the body guessing.

My daughter has scribbled some vague drawing on her bedroom wall. But I refuse to paint over it.

These are the signs of life. Live it.

And dare to be different.


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