In the Garden

Whew!  What a week with busy days, busier nights and a crazy busy weekend.  I’m ready for some down time.

Are you getting enough down time?

As an evangelical Christian, a daily quiet time is very important to my personal mental health.  On my reflections lately, I noticed a theme.  It comes from the Garden of Eden story in Genesis.  It talks about how man and woman walked and talked with God.  God was present in the Garden.  He was accessible.  He provided all they needed for nourishment.  There was no shame, only relationship.

How I yearn to be walking and talking with God.  Then again, it would be pretty intimidating to be in His presence.  But He does talk to me.  He does walk with me.

This is the first conversation we must have on our journey, the conversation with God.  This was the first of three conversations because when I began my journey, I knew right away I could not do it without Him.

One of my favorite hymns is “In the Garden.”

I love the lyrics to this song.  “The joy we shared as we tarry there.”  No rush.  Just listening, expectantly.  Just experiencing the presence.  Just waiting.

We all could use more time to stop what we are doing and…tarry.

Life is a great experience.  When we are consumed with busy schedules, or buying stuff, or needing more…and more, we forget how special life truly is.

The other great thing about the Garden was the equality of man with woman.  Helpmates for each other, before the curse.

God said “it is not good for man to be alone.”  That is so true.  The word for “alone” is a Hebrew word which refers to a branch with no tree.  The branch could be used for a tool to carry things, but it no longer contained life.

Don’t be just a tool! We need the tree.  We need to be plugged in to His Spirit, His presence, His voice.

What is He disclosing to you?  Are you listening?



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