Anxiety Redux

My anxiety has been greatly reduced since I lost my weight.  But it still comes back to bite me from time to time.  Sometimes, it even impacts my health and relationships in the most debilitating way, especially this past week.

The good book says to “Be anxious for nothing.”  That is easier said than done.

Here is a song I sang back in 2017, before my weight loss.

“His Eye Is On the Sparrow” has been one of my favorite songs since my youth. It starts with “Why should I feel discouraged?”  That is a great question.

Why should I feel discouraged when God is so good?

Why should I feel discouraged when I have so many dear friends who support me?

Why should I feel discouraged when I have two beautiful daughters?

Why should I feel discouraged when I have such a loving, supportive church family?

Why should I feel discouraged when I have a job I look forward to going to every day?

Why? Because I buy into lies.  The deception is real.  I believe I am not good enough.  I believe what adversaries say about me.  I believe  what the old me used to say about myself. I believe…lies.

I still have difficulty accepting a compliment.  When someone comments on how I look or how I sing, I still have difficulty accepting that. So, I decided to accept the next compliment someone said about me, which I did.  It was a very kind remark from my boss.  I then said something kind about myself.  He enthusiastically concurred.

Try this at home.  Accept the good things others say about you.  Start to speak good things about yourself, out loud, in front of others. (This is not for my narcissistic friends.  You are already pros at this.)

Say it.  Believe it.

And if you are still not satisfied, then make a change.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Stuff !


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ken, I’ve watched this a hundred if not a thousand times! It is truly inspirational! Just remember, it doesn’t matter what others think or say, it is only about the One that watches and knows your heart! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us and thank you for the service and commitment that you give to our Lord!


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