The Problem With Time

But the most important thing for a successful journey is to make time to be alone, meditate and pray. Often I do this during my walks. But sometimes the battles are too great and I need to be still.

Journey Coach

You can expect me to pray for you.  You can expect me to encourage you.  You can expect me to speak truth to you, in kindness.

How To Get Started On Your Weight Loss Journey

This is not a competition. This is your life. Take it easy on yourself. Make the steps gradually. Listen to your body. And listen to your encouraging friends as well as the experts.

Transfer the Calories

Below are a few ways I was able to cut calories without increasing hunger. I call this process “Transferring the Calories.”

Count the Cost

Take time to celebrate every ounce of weight loss, every point of reduced blood sugar, every script the physician removes from your orders and every compliment from loved ones.