The Lonely Servant

Christmas is upon us. And, as is typical for me at this time of year, I am sick. I have a viral respiratory infection. I’ve lost my voice. I tried auditioning for a musical this past weekend. I gave it all I had. Unfortunately, my energy and voice were so affected I would count myself lucky to get any part.

Being sick also means being alone even more than usual, trying to rest and recover.

It’s a time I typically feel sorry for myself, alone, holidays, and depressingly short days of winter.

I’m reminded of someone who was lonelier than I could imagine, who came at a bleak time and changed the world.

It’s Christmas time and we celebrate love through sharing gifts. But the best gift came through a Servant King, Son of Man, a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a cave meant for animals.

He is Emmanuel, God with us. And what a lonely combination, God and man. No one else like Him to share in his pain. Yet He has amazing compassion to live humbly, heal so many, see such suffering, risk alienation through association, and suffer a most horrible death.

Who am I to complain about being alone? Who am I serving? What am I risking?

As we prepare for the coming of the King, let our thoughts address these questions. And give a Merry Christmas.


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