Shall not hunger

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. – John 6:35 ESV

This scripture always eluded me. What must it be like to not hunger?

In 2003, I raided my poor daughter Gabrielle’s Halloween candy store which her mother left on the top of the fridge, out of our daughter’s reach. There was not much left when I was done emptying the previously overflowing basket. The only reason anything was left was because a tootsie roll caused a dental emergency, a just reward.

When I hunger, my whole body gets involved. My brain sends chemicals to alert me something is wrong. My anxiety goes up. My stomach starts talking. My legs feel weak. I get lightheaded. My esophagus feels like a bottomless pit needing to be filled as soon as possible. My heart gets emotional. My vision becomes narrow. My head gets cloudy. And I get cranky.

And I live in a rich country where I always have access to my next meal. How much worse it is for those who worry where the next meal will come from.

Whoever comes to me shall not hunger.

What kind, generous, caring, devoted loving words for Him to share.

The ministry of Jesus was clearly devoted to the poor, downtrodden, neglected, abused, shunned or forgotten parts of society. His anger flared when the rich took advantage or the powerful made light of those He loved so dearly.

The Bread of Life cannot be consumed. But it can be lived. It cannot be held. But it can be shared. It cannot fill my stomach. But it can fill my heart and soul.

And I will never want.

If only I can allow the Bread to sustain me rather than depending so much on this temporary stuff that I consume so voraciously.

Lord, You are gracious, kind, loving and worthy to be praised. Thank you for providing all I need. Forgive me when I take more than I need to sustain me, ignoring Your generous gift of the Bread of Life. Help me rather to share the Bread with those in need. Help me to feed those who hunger physically and spiritually. According to the Word made flesh. Amen


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