Working Titles II:1

Continued from Working Titles I:5.

Act II

[Lights up on Charlie and Sam at The Ugly Mug coffee shop. Jazz music is playing.]

Sam:  So, we moved to San Antonio in June. He met Cindy. He moved out a month later. I stayed for my job and have called San Antonio home ever since.

Charlie: I am so sorry.  That’s awful!

Sam: San Antonio’s a great place, really.

Charlie: Sorry, I meant about him leaving you.

Sam: Yes, I know, but I am happy now.  How about you?  I feel I have been talking the whole time.  Tell me about you.

Charlie: There’s not much to tell, really.

Sam: Kelly says you’re a writer?

Charlie: That’s right.

Sam: What do you write about?

Charlie: All kinds of stuff.  Whatever I find interesting.  Sometimes it is just about what sells at the time.

Sam: I see.  Um, what is the latest thing you have had published?

Charlie: Well, let’s see.  I just had a story published about the shaving industry.

Sam: Okay.  [They sit silently for a few moments.]

Charlie: You would be surprised, really. Did you know over 164 thousand people use disposable razors?

Sam: I had no idea.

Charlie:  It keeps going up.  Soon it will be over 165 thousand.

Sam: Right.

Charlie: The sheer amount of plastic in the razors we are throwing away is… Okay, I’m already boring you, aren’t I.

Sam: Not at all. [She yawns.]

Charlie: I’m a better writer than conversationalist.

Sam: Well. Thanks again for the coffee. I had a great time.

Charlie: Are you already ready to go?

Sam: Not if you aren’t.

Charlie: No. Not at all. I was hoping to…Uh…

Sam: Yes, Charlie?

Charlie: Do you like…

Sam: Do I like what?

[Sinatra song like I’ve Got You Under My Skin starts to play.]

Charlie: Do you like, sushi?

Sam: Sure. [Chuckles]

Charlie: [Chuckles awkwardly in return.] I like sushi.

Sam: Yeah?

Charlie: Yeah.

Sam: Okay.

Charlie: Yeah.

Sam: Charlie, was that all you were going to ask me?

Charlie: Yeah…well…

Sam: Yes?

Charlie: I really like this song.

[Sam listens for a moment and then starts to hum the melody. Charlie starts to sing along. Sam joins in with a harmony to the finish of the song.]

Charlie: You have a lovely voice.

Sam: Thank you.

Charlie: That was…that…

Sam: So, Jake is your best friend?

Charlie: Jake? Well, yeah. Yes he is.

Sam: How long have you known him?

Charlie: Since we were kids. We got into a fight at school. He punched me. I never hit anyone before, so, I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there looking at him. I guess he didn’t know what to do either. After that, we respected each other, but I kept my distance. Then, several years ago, we saw each other at a class reunion. We’ve been best friends ever since.

Sam: What did you fight about.

Charlie: Missy Waites.

Sam: Sorry? Missy what?

Charlie: Missy Waites. That was her name. He had a crush on her. She liked me. I was… oblivious. I had a crush on Connie McLemore. So, at recess, he let me have it.

Sam: Recess? What grade were you in.

Charlie: Fourth.

Sam: Fourth grade?

Charlie: That’s right.

Sam: That’s a lot of drama for fourth graders.

Charlie: You have no idea. Later that year Missy had a crush on Leslie Whitney. So Jake picked a fight with him. I thought he was going to kill him.

Sam: Oh, did Jake hurt Leslie?

Charlie: No. Leslie weighed 150 pounds in fourth grade. Jake got a real beating. He stopped picking fights after that. Kept saying he was a lover, not a fighter. Which I thought was pretty astute for fourth grade.

Sam: Yes it was.

Charlie: So, you never answered my question.

Sam: What question.

Charlie: Would you like to join me for sushi tomorrow night.

Sam: You never asked me that question.

Charlie: Didn’t I?

Sam: No.

Charlie: Oh.

Sam: It’s getting late. I really should spend some time with Kelly before she goes to bed.

Charlie: Right. Of course.

Sam: Thanks for coffee.

Charlie. May I walk you home.

Sam: Charlie?

Charlie: Yes.

Sam: You live in the same building.

Charlie: Right.

Sam: Yes, Of course you may.

Charlie: Excellent. Hey, about tomorrow night…

Sam: I really should spend some time with Kelly.

Charlie: Right.

Sam: But…

Charlie: But?

Sam: Perhaps Kelly and I can both join you for sushi?

Charlie: Yeah, sure.

Sam: Maybe you could invite Jake to join us.

Charlie: Alright. Sounds like a date.

Sam: A date?

Charlie: A plan. Sounds like a plan.

[Lights crossfade, coming up on Charlie’s living room where Duggy is sitting, drinking a sugary soda and fuming. Richard enters USC. Duggy attempts to hide the soda until he sees who entered.]

Richard: Ah! I don’t think that is on your diet there, Douglas.

Duggy: I don’t see how that’s any of your concern.

Richard: I’m just worried about my roomie getting pummeled by his girlfriend.

Duggy: I don’t see how that’s any of your concern, either.

Richard: What’s got into you?

Duggy: You did!

Richard: What are you talking about?

Duggy: You know good and well what I’m talking about.

Richard: I’m sure I don’t.

Duggy: You are a dirty little…slime ball!

Richard: What the…

Duggy: You are a traitor, a back stabber, a filthy, dirty…

Richard: You already called me dirty. Now, please explain what it is you’re…

Duggy: I know about the text messages!

Richard: I suspected.

Duggy: Charlie’s going to kick you out, you know!

Richard: In your dreams.

Duggy: He will!

Richard: He won’t. He’s letting Jake steal his new girl right out from under him. You watch, they’ll still be besties for sure.

Duggy: What are you talking about? Sam? But Jake is…

Richard: Hey, you can’t help who you fall in love with.

Duggy: And how do you know about this?

Richard: It’s obvious. Just like your girl’s affections for me.

[Duggy rushes Richard in attempt to tackle him. Richard moves and trips Duggy who lands on his side and rolls onto his back.]

Richard: Careful Duggy. I hear Charlie really hates violence.

[Charlie enters USC as lights come up on Kelly’s settee wagon.]

Charlie: [Singing] I’ve got you…deep in the heart of me… Duggy? What are you doing down there?


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